Shipping Methods

Air Cargo

I only know of one airline shipping, American Airlines Air Cargo (I've been told Alaska Airlines is now shipping around the country as well, you might want to check them out at Alaska Cargo Pet Connect).

The following parameters must be followed:

  1. Pups must be transported in an airline approved crate, I usually recommend Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier.
  2. Buyer must have the crate shipped to my address at least two days before scheduled flight.
  3. Certain flights are restricted to smaller crate sizes, go to AA Kennel Guidelines.
  4. There are temperature restrictions:"We transport warm-blooded animals when ground temperatures are between 45 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This applies to origin, connection and destination cities."
  5. Buyer can expect a fee of $350-$450, this will vary depending on weight and destination.
  6. Buyer must pay $50 for a Health Certificate from the vet.
  7. Note: The Health Certificate is only valid for ten (10) days.
  8. Buyer must pay $50-$80 for a an airline approved crate, depending on the size of the puppy.
  9. I don't charge for the time or gas it takes me to get to the airport (two hour drive each way).
  10. I do not charge for any shots or meds the puppy receives at the vet, including the mandatory office visit fee.

I've never had any a real problems with shipping a pup (none in 2020), two years ago (2019) I shipped four. I don't like it, however, because it can be hard on the pups, especially a breed like Carolina Dogs who are, by nature, skittish and sensitive to their environment. But I realize with a rare breed this is sometimes the only way to get them places where they otherwise cannot be found.

By Car

As an alternative, I have used a service called CitizenShipper.

I was lucky that a former employee, Jennifer K., lived about 50 miles away and even owned a Carolina Dog!

Jennifer and her husband safely transported many pups. Unfortunately, at this time her availability is limited.

The fee to the buyer was usually less expensive than air cargo, with less stress on the puppy.

I do not recieve any compensation from any individual carrier or company.

Use them at your own risk: but after reading reviews and speaking to Jennifer, I was very pleased.

Update: I recent used another person from CitizenShipper, Carla, and I'm equally as pleased.