The new UKC breed club for the next generations.

Focused on heritage, preservation, health, longevity, inclusivity, and breed integrity.

For too long these dogs have been put down and hidden away, now it's time they are given the respect they deserve.

Focus For The Future


With the breakout of our new breed club will come a breakout of something that has been severely lacking; inclusivity.

This new club will be a safe haven. Not only for the seasoned CD owner and breeder, but for the curious mind, the first time owner, and the first time performer.

We will be providing mentorship to help members do more with their Carolina Dogs; whether that be hiking, training, breeding, or showing. We want everyone to be involved and succeed.


The history of the Carolina Dog has been lost; we fully intend to not only share these dogs as they have always been; but include their heritage.

Through the aid of our Native Ambassadors from tribes around the country, we will begin to not only share their origins but advocate for their survival and help place some CDs in the hands of the indigenous people who fell in love with this breed first.


For much too long there has been a lack of health testing in the CD community. This is a disservice to our dogs and ourselves.

Armed with a health committee prepared to answer questions you may have; we are here to guide and encourage health testing for all CDs.

The future we are working toward includes a searchable record of not only genetic tests, but also hip, elbow, and heart tests as well; allowing us to track potential issues within lines and pedigrees.


"Integrity," is a word that gets thrown around a lot in the purebred world with little weight behind it.

In the CDOA we will shine a focus on true integrity in both the dogs we represent by maintaining the vision set forth by Dr. Brisbin himself and the people who represent them; a breed club which is transparent in who we are, what we stand for, and what our dogs should and should not be.

"Integrity," means "honest, moral, whole, undivided," and these are the qualities we will strive to represent.


The Carolina Dog Origin Association has been created with our heart set on one primary goal: preservation.

The wild population of Carolina Dogs has been at a steep decline for a long time due to humans developing the forests they have called home for centuries. The lack of breed awareness has resulted in wild captured CDs being placed in shelters; marked as any number of mixes, and adopted out-frequently only to be returned as they are nothing like the adopter was expecting them to be.

Even those who are aware the breed exists are frequently unable to properly identify them and/or are unaware of the wide variety of colors and markings that naturally occur in the breed.

Widespread popularity of particular patterns has been detrimental when coupled with the lack of public education.

While a handful of breeders have come up in recent years, more needs to be done to protect this breed from extinction, honor their heritage, and grow the community in an ethical way.

That is why we have formed the Carolina Dog Origin Association.

In The Works Now

As a new breed club, we are looking to you: anyone who has shown an interest.

We're all here for the same reason; we want these dogs to thrive and this breed to excel.

In the coming months we will be continuing to have meetings, choose our initial boards and committees, and file for official status with UKC.

We are intending to have a gathering for those interested in the CDOA somewhere in the midwest by the end of 2021. We will be sending out news and membership applications soon.


Thanks to one of our incredible board members, we're working tirelessly to pull captured wild caught CDs from Animal Controls around the country and have them moved to appropriate hands before they're altered and put up for adoption to the general public.

We're about to begin the donation phase of opening Carolina Ascension Sanctuary; a long time vision where CDs will have the freedom they crave in a secure area.

CDOA Mission Statement.