CDOA Mission Statement

from the CDOA

The Carolina Dog Origin Association has been created out of not only a want but a need.

A need for more for the Carolina Dog; more health testing, more inclusivity, more education, more heritage acknowledgement, more ability to register wild captured Carolina Dogs, and most of all more preservation.

Our mission here at the Carolina Dog Origin Association is to be the guardians and advocates that the Carolina Dog breed deserves. The CDOA is born of people dedicated to ethical preservation of Carolina Dogs in their true form- as they have existed in nature for over 10, 000yrs. Our mission' s path will include things like ethical breeding, complete health testing, hosting conformation shows and events, and proper placement of Carolina Dogs into knowledgeable homes.

We intend to host events that allow not only seasoned show exhibitors to show off and title their dogs, but first time exhibitors and those simply looking to have fun with their dogs as well.

We will be putting out information on a regular basis to the general public and the dog world to spread awareness not only about the existence of the breed but on the many variations within and how to distinguish a Carolina Dog.

The Carolina Dog Origin Association will also ensure that the heritage of these dogs remains in tact and respected through education and representation with the help of tribal members within the club. We have created this club to be a new era for the oldest dog breed in North America; an era of respect and preservation to protect these incredible dogs and their origins- as nature intended.