July 10,2021


to Where the Wild Dogs Grow Kennel for a new Rally First for the breed!
URO2 HH Atlantis Wildcraft “Salem” (picture in the Gallery ). "Salem walked (sassed…) her way to a High in Trial, with a perfect score and a time of 2:00:47, solidly securing another first for the breed"! She also earned her URO2, which is ANOTHER breed first, as she’s the only Carolina Dog with Rally titles, much less across both AKC and UKC and advanced levels thereof".

May 28,2021


to Guardian Angel Carolina Dogs & Caucasian Shepherds for a new UKC Champion: CH Hoosier Hills Heavenly Sentinal “Tengu” (picture in the Gallery ).

May 21,2021


We have puppies available...

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May 17,2021

Big News!

Introducing, The new UKC breed club for the next generations.Focused on heritage, preservation, health, longevity, inclusivity, and breed integrity...

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May 10,2021

Breed Info:

Carolina Dogs are a primitive, land race, pariah breed classified as sight hounds. They crossed the Bering Strait to North America with the first humans and have lived alongside indigenous tribes since Pre Colombian times...

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